My Story

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"We naively thought that once we landed the agent and manager that all the doors would open with endless auditions."

 I was born in Georgia, raised in Cincinnati, and then back to the GA & TN area as a young adult. As a child my focus was drama and dance and a minor in voice, I needed a lot of outlets for all my creative energy. My talents were mostly focused on theater and commercial and print modeling.
As an Adult a successful sales & marketing career became a wonderful creative outlet for a long time. Though art and photography were still a passion. Then my son, Reid decided he wanted to get serious about his acting career.
By working with Reid, I circled back to the performance world in which I started and I found my niche working in production of both live theatre and film. I am involved in several theater productions each year in Los Angeles and am an active member of the Hollywood Fringe and Los Angeles theater community.


Landing in LA in 2013 we discovered agents & managers are busy and really didn't have the time to give the hand-holding type guidance and instruction we needed to be successful. Which is why me having a sales and marketing background worked to our advantage.

We learned that you need credits (bookings) to get credits - not to mention the experience of being on a smaller set before a bigger set. So I was left with no choice but to take matters in my own hands. Reid was my new very strategic marketing opportunity!

I was faced with 2 choices 1- figure out how to get auditions or 2 - pack it up and go back home. 

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Mark Wahlberg & Reid Miller 
on the set of Joe Bell
photo courtesy of Just Jared


This is my son Reid Miller now, but starting at 13 he had no real acting experience, but he was driven and so was I. Since we landed in Los Angeles in 2013 Reid has since had the great pleasure of working with people like Mark Wahlberg, Connie Britton, Alyssa Milano, Gary Sinise, Maxwell Jenkins, Bill Paxton, Joe Mantegna, Frances Fisher, Michael Shannon, and the list goes on! We work together as a team and we are always learning new things even after many years, a career changes and evolves; there are always new scenarios and new challenges at every level.

Through much research, trial and error, self submissions, hundreds of hours of classes and a lot of determination I helped him get his first 18 IMDb credits and almost 30 jobs including commercial and print bookings. Marketing yourself is essential as an actor and that was definitely in my wheelhouse. 

Left to right- Maxwell Jenkins, Connie Britton, Mark Wahlberg & Reid Miller

Megan producing Jaeger 2019


The first short film I ever produced was  Flikker (2018), it has won multiple awards including the Stella Adler Excellence in Film Award at the International Action On Film Festival in Las Vegas. It is available to stream on Amazon Prime. I have several in production titles like Everything Has A Home slated for festival release in 2021.  I work as a producer and production designer and have written several books and stage plays. In addition I produce & direct several theater productions each year in Los Angeles and am an active member of the Hollywood Fringe Theater and Los Angeles theater community.

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