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"I learned so much today, thank you for sharing your experience."

A curated discussion with myself and often times working actors and industry professionals about the reality of what is required to really be successful as an actor in the entertainment business. Produced and developed by Megan Ford Miller, Producer & Promoter and Mom to Reid Miller actor, Good Joe Bell, YOU S2, Play by Play, A girl Named Jo, FREDI, The Fosters, Criminal Minds, to name a few . Together she her son Reid have been on a journey of hard work and sacrifice for almost seven years as they have worked together to build a career for him as an actor. Reid recently finished the filming of Good Joe Bell starring opposite Mark Wahlberg and Connie Britton, he has an extensive acting resume and works consistently. You will hear from other long invested actors in the  business and also industry professionals speaking frankly about what they are looking for in a client, and what they need from you as a client & an actor.
But, I'm Almost Famous? Is an official selection of The Binge Fringe Festival of Free Theater or the BFF that is sponsored by the city of Santa Monica & The Los Angeles County Arts Commission.

‚Äč"It was so attractive to see you both share so many personal ups and downs from your journey for others to learn from."

This workshop is available for special events and groups it can catered to a specific topic, for example "Pilot Season" or "Sustaining in the Biz".  If interested reach out on the Contact page.

Megan also does private career consulting on a one on one basis.

"It was very insightful to hear about your and Reid’s experience, and your advice was so helpful!"

"I have been in the business for several years and I still learned so much today!"

"I learned so much during your presentation! It was also motivational."

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